Bill To Ban Tribal Marks Passes Second Reading In The Senate

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Bill To Ban Tribal Marks Passes Second Reading In The Senate

A bill seeking to stop facial mutilation under the guise of cultural and tribal marks yesterday passed through second reading in the Senate.

Sponsored by Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West), the bill is fully named ‘A Bill for an Act to provide for the Prohibition of Facial Mutilation, the Offences, Prosecution and Punishment of offenders and the protection of victims under threat of facial mutilation and to provide for other related matters.’

Melaye while presenting the lead debate, said the era where facial marks were needed for identification with certain affiliations are long gone, as the popularity and acceptance of the practice continues to wane.

“These tribal marks have become emblems of disfiguration and have hindered many situations of life. Some have developed low self-esteem, they are most times treated with scorn and ridicule. The reactions of people who interact with them on interpersonal basis somehow dampen their spirit or lower their self-esteem. They are reduced in most cases to laughing stocks in the communities and called several horrible names,” Melaye argued…

Culled from; Nigerian Monitor

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